Acala DVD to Pocket PC Movie


Convert the formats of your DVDs to watch them anywhere


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Acala DVD to Pocket PC Movie is a useful app that lets you convert your DVDs to MP4 (MPEG-4, H.264) and WMV formats with an error-free process.

With this useful tool, you can avoid compatibility problems you may run into when trying to watch DVDs on mobile devices.

With Acala DVD to Pocket PC Movie, you can convert files between various formats and specify which format's best for playing a certain file on a specific device.

Thanks to this possibility and the speed of conversion, you can open your favorite movies or shows on any device within seconds.

Lastly, besides converting the formats, you can also determine the beginning and end of every file. This helps by reducing the file size and avoiding the long fade-outs/ins you don't want to see every time you put on a movie.
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